PMC is a repository of content primarily from two sources: peer reviewed journals that overall have met NLM’s standards for PMC; and peer reviewed author manuscripts deposited in compliance with the public access policy of NIH or other collaborating funders.

PMC is not a publisher and does not publish journal articles itself. Once a journal as a whole has been accepted for inclusion in PMC, NLM does not judge the quality of individual articles and relies on the scientific publishing process to identify and address problems through published comments, corrections, and retractions. NIH and other funders do not dictate the journals in which their funded authors may publish. Consequently, author manuscripts in PMC may be from journals that have not yet undergone scientific review by NLM, are traditionally out of scope for the NLM collection, or have not met NLM’s standards for PMC.

In addition, as of June 2020 PMC includes preprints reporting NIH supported research in support of the NIH Preprint Pilot. As preprints are interim research products that have not been peer reviewed, readers should be aware that any aspect of the research, including the results and conclusions, may change as a result of peer review.

The presence of an article in PMC does not reflect an endorsement of, or concurrence with, the contents of the article by NLM.

If you have concerns about a specific article (e.g., possible plagiarism, point of view expressed), NLM encourages you to notify the PMC helpdesk, as well as the editors and publisher of the journal.


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